Imperial Warrior

Imperial Warrior
Imperial Warrior B.jpg
Unit Type: Frontline Infantry
Country of Origin: Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 150
Trained at: Dojo
Requirement: N/A
Special Ability: Banzai Charge

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

Trained to utilize the advance technology of the Empire with their military discipline. The Imperial Warriors have a nothing to lose approach on the battlefield, as they are not afraid to die on the battlefield. Their Phased plasma rifle is nothing like anybody else has seen before, it can do considerable damage to other infantry as well as some light vehicles. Their special ability is the Banzai Charge, where they sling their plasma rifles and draw their advanced Katana which is powered by plasma, they are trained to go faster and eliminate their enemies with one stroke of their katanas.

  • Limitations

Although the Imperial Warrior is the most balanced frontline infantry unit compaired with the Peacekeeper and the Conscript. But the warrior is far from perfect. Its Phazed Plasma rifle heats up very quickly so it can not fire continuously like the Conscript can, and it does not do a lot fo damage to an armored vehicle. Plus, its special ability, the Banzai Charge, makes the warrior more suseptible to enemy fire, meaning it will take more damage.

[edit] Quotes


  • "I serve the Emperor."
  • "Imperial Warrior, ready."
  • "I wait for my task."
  • "Respect the Emperor!"
  • "Death to our enemies!"
  • "Command me."


  • "Hai."(Yes in Japanese)
  • "I go."
  • "Yes."
  • "With haste!"
  • "With honor!"
  • "Follow me!"


  • "Barbarians!"
  • "They stand in our way."
  • "Into victory!"
  • "Japan shall conquer."
  • "On your guard."

Under attack

  • "We die with honor."
  • "You'll never silence the empire."
  • "For the glory of Japan!"

Garrisoning a building

  • "Take your possitions."
  • "Claim it for the Empire!"
  • "It belongs to us!"
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