King Oni

King Oni
King Oni.jpg
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 2000
Weapon: Plasma beams
Built at: Instant Mecha Bay
Requires: Mecha Bay breakthrough
Unit Type: Advanced Armor
Special Ability: Bull Charge

Giant Mechanized robots that were built specifically for massive destruction, the Empire's King Oni are huge in size that dwarf many tanks on the battlefield. It can shoot powerful plasma beams from its eyes. Its Special ability is the Bull Charge, as it can use its massive size to destroy anything in its path until it stops.

[edit] Quotes


  • "Who has awakened me?"
  • "I am complete."
  • "Let me fight."


  • "And?"
  • "What's there?"
  • "For now."


  • "To the slaughter."
  • "To cinders."
  • "Them."
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