Kirov Airship

Kirov Airship
Unit type: Heavy Bomber
Country of origin: Russia
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 2,500
Built at: Airfield
Requires: Battle Lab
Special Ability: Gastro Burners

The iconic Kirov Airship is the core of the Soviet Air Fleet. Its large payload of bombs and their power lay waste to enemy structures and units alike. In addition to its powerful weapons it possesses heavy armor and as such it requires a lot of concentrated anti aircraft fire to bring it down. A Kirov's main weakness is its lack of speed, it will take awhile before it reaches it's target destination allowing the enemy plenty of time to bring it down. The other weakness is that it cannot attack other air units making it highly vulnerable to other aircraft. In Red Alert 3, it has a special ability, this ability is the Gastro Bruners, which slightly increase the airship's speed at the cost of losing health.

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