Lieutenant Dasha Fedorovich

Lieutenant Dasha Fedorovich
Birthplace: Siberia, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Ivana Milicevic

[edit] Overview (Red Alert 3)

Dasha Fedoroivch is the Intel officer for the Soviet Union. Born out of a family of 10, who were chosen to be conscripted into the Soviet army, Dasha signed up for intelligence training, and after several years, she moved up to the ranks of actual combat intellegence. Dasha appeared before Premier Anatoly Cherdenko and General Nicolai Krukov to announce them about the Empire of The Rising Sun, she gave the Soviets the intelligence they need to fight the Empire, who occupied some regions of the Soviet Union, but soon gained the upper hand in Lenningrad, she even helped the Soviets drive the Empire completely out of the Mother land. Dasha even kept up to task when the Soviets marched towards Europe, at first they were successful, but after a surprise retaliation f the Allies at Great Britain, they soon were driven out of Europe and signed a seize fire with the Allies, Dasha even helped the Allies as the Empire moved on Gibraltar, and even in the north sea. Then after the Allies defeat of the Empire at Tokyo, she secretly helped with krukov's special operation to bring the United States to its knees, however she did help the Soviets as the Allies raided on lenningrad, but escaped before Cherdenko and Krukov were defeated and captured by the Allies.

[edit] Overview (Uprising)

Dasha is now the official leader of the secret orginization known as the "Soviet Underground", a group of Soviets that are still loyal to the Union even after their defeat to the Western Allies. They are intending to move on the Allies and the somewhat ruthless EU Leader Rupert Thornley and the corperation known as Futuretech.

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