Lieutenant Eva McKenna

Lieutenant Eva McKenna
Red Alert 3 Uprising.jpg
Birthplace: Glasgow, Great Britain
Affiliation: Western Allies
Portrayed By: Gemma Atkinson

Lieutenant Eva Mckenna is the Intel officer for the Western Allies. All of her life, she was feeling the effects of the Soviet Union and decided to join the Allies as soon as she became of age. Her fears began to mount as the Soviet Union was taking over much of Europe. Then, she was assigned to a new Allied Commander who helped beat the Soviets out of Great Britain at Brighton Beach. Eva's confidence in the Allies grew as they were winning over the Soviets in Europe. Eva also helped the Allies as they join the Soviets to defeat the Empire of The Rising Sun and their Black Tortoises. Then, she helped the Allied commander defeat the Empire and eventually the Soviets as well. Now, during the post-war occupations, she is determined to help the Allies again as they fight corruption within their faction.

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