Lieutenant Suki Toyama

Lieutenant Suki Toyama
Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: Kelly Hu

Suki Toyama is the Intel officer for the Empire of The Rising Sun. Her family comes from a generation helping the Empire's royal family. She is also a close friend of Crown Prince Tatsu as she helped him and the other Imperial commanders on their conquest for the Soviet Union, she is wise in the ways of the Empire's military training and their technology, believing that the Empire's technology will help them win over the Soviets easily, as this proves when the Empire captures the northern quadrants of the Union, however what she does not know and will soon realizes that the Empire will run into trouble as soon as they reached Lenningrad, where the Soviets were waiting for the Empire to attack. However, she will help Tatsu with their occupied area of the Soviet Union by creating a circus in Krasna-45, and even Tatsu's military base in Vladivostok, however the Empire will fail at these places as well. Suki would guide the Empire in Pearl harbor as the Western Allies try to take Hawaii from the Empire, she also discovers that the Allies are coming across the Pacific Ocean as the Allies try to secure a base in Japan, she even also tried to guide the Empire in Gibraltar and the north sea. Suki's last effort will be at the Empire capital of Tokyo, Tatsu told her that his father Emperor Yoshiro is calling a meeting with the Imperial generals, to find a way to beat back the Soviet Union and their recent partner the Western Allies, Suki graciously helps Tatsu defend Tokyo from the invading Allies. But as Tatsu and the Empire was defeated at Tokyo, Suki disappeared, her whereabouts are unknown.

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