Lieutenant Zophia

Lieutenant Zophia
Birthplace: Stalingrad, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Aleksandra Kaniak

Lieutenant Zofia is the Intel officer for the Soviet Union. Always wanting to be a apart of the Soviet Army since childhood, Zofia was conscripted into the army and eventually moved into Intel, and even did some campaign simulations. As the Soviet Union invades the United States, she kept up to speed on information about the Allies. But what she failed to realize is the true power of the Allies, and she witnesses the Soviets losing their grip on the United States but she refuses to give up, as the Soviets secretly attacked Paris by using the Eiffel Tower as a makeshift Tesla Coil though a big blow to the Allies but did not have a huge effect on the Allies morale. The Allies win the war at Moscow and captured Premier Alexander Romanov. Zophia went underground in hopes to evade the Allies, then she receives word about Romanov's former Advisor Yuri activating his system of Psychic Dominator she tried to move forces to capture the Allied time machine, but a strong allied defense prevented the Soviets from capturing it in hopes to change the outcome of the war.

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