Mirage Tank

Mirage Tank
Mirage Tank.jpg
Unit type: * (RA2) Special armor
  • (RA3) Advance Armor
Country of origin: * (RA2) United States
  • (RA3) France
Affiliation Western Allies
Cost: * (RA2) 1,000
  • (RA3) 1,600
Built at: * (RA2) Allied War Factory
  • (RA3) Armor Facility
Requires: * (RA2) Allied Air Force Cammand, Allied Battle Labs
  • (RA3) Max Clearence
Special Ability Gap Generator

The Mirage Tank is extremely dangerous. In Red Alert 2, The Mirage Tank was created by Professor Albert Einstein. this tank is especially designed to blend with the environment around it, as it can disguise itself as a either a tree or a lamppost, its weapon can instantly take out an infantry unit or severely damage a vehicle. Also the Mirage Tank shoots its target while on disguise mode There is one way to detect that your being attack by a Mirage Tank, if your units are being damaged without any enemy units appearing on the radar, it means that there's a Mirage Tank near your units. In Red Alert 3, it has the same capabilities but it is outfitted with a powerful mini spectrum cannon that can damage even infantry units. Its special ability is the Gap Generator, which can use some kind of device that blanks not only the tank itself but other objects out of enemy radar.

[edit] Quotes


  • "You called for a Mirage?"
  • "Mirage Tank."
  • "Mirage Tank opperaional."
  • "Bonjour, commander."
  • "Camouflage standing by."


  • "To the next mirage."
  • "Proceed."
  • "Place to place."


  • "Now's our chance."
  • "It's time to play our hand."
  • "Don't let them see us coming."
  • "Now, now!"

Under attack

  • "They found us."
  • "We're taking damage."
  • "How bad are we hit?"

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