Mortar Cycle

Mortar Cycle
Mortar Cycle.jpg
Type: Anti-Infanry/Anti-Garrison
Country of Origin: Russia
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 600
Built at: Barracks
Requirement: War Factory
Special Ability: Mortar Attack

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

As the Soviet Union lost to the Western Allies and seeing their beloved union crumble, they have secretly gone underground and began to create new weapons of war unbeknownst to the Allies, by using whever they had left from the closing war, they came up with several units and other weapons that may help them get back at the Allies. One of them is the Mortar Cycle. using a simple motor cycle with an extra large mortar launcher mounted to the passenger side of the cycle, they can douse infantry (either out in the open battlefield or garrisoned inside buildings) with fire. They also have a special ability called the Mortar attack, which can do considerable damage to stationary targets.

  • Limitations

Though the Cycle does have more health than the other infantry units that the Soviets have, but it can not take heavy fire from tanks or defense artillery, and when it uses the mortar attack ability, it must stop to fire the mortar and it is useless against moving targets.

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