Country: Russia
Locale Type: Major City/National Capital
Population: 10 Million

[edit] Real History

Moscow was discovered in 1147 by prince Yuri Dolgoruki. As the city was being built, he also ordered to be a wall to be built in the city as well to protect it from any attackers. But the city was attacked by the Mongols who have taken the city and burned it to the ground. But Moscow had recoevered since the attacking of the Mongols and in 200 years became the cpaital of the country (not yet known to be Russia). in 1380, the Russians have defended their city against the invading Tatars, though at first the Russians were successful, but the battles cost millions of casualties and resulting in the Tatars taking the city, and it was not until Ivan the Terrible that liberated Moscow from the tatars and Moscow became capital of the country again, but the Tatars again captured Moscow and burning it, but was liberated once again by the Russians. However, when Russia was under the rule of Peter the great, Moscow has lost its title of capital to the new city St. Petersburg. During the 19th century. Russia was constantly challenged by its European neighbors, most notably in the French Invasion of the country in 1812 as the French burned most of the city but the French (led by Napoleon Bonaparde) were running into trouble cuased by shortening of supplies and famine. Then as the 20th century began the Russian Tsars were facing a series of crises, they are becoming less financed and there is political unrest, and after World War 1 Russia would fall into complete dissaray. this is when the Bolshevik comminist party (led by Vladimir Lenin) overthrew the tsars from power and established the Soviet Union, with that Moscow once again became the capital of the new USSR. Moscow was heavily involved in World War 2 and even the cold war (as it was constantly compared to Washington D.C.). Now, Moscow is still the capital of Russia and still has the history that made the country into what we know it today.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Allies have protected the United States from the potential nuclear threat by the Soviet Union in Cuba, the Allies know that they have to take the fight back to the Soviet Union, and President Michael Dugan diecides to attack the very heart of the Soviet Union, Moscow. The Allies have airdroped a few Navy SEALs to lear a chronoshifting zone for the Allies and as they shifted, they wasted through the strong Soviet defense around Red Square and even defeated Premier Alexander Romanov elite guard surrounding the Kremlin. With that, Special Agent Tanya chronoshifted inside an IFV and invaded the Kremlin and apprehended Romanov while hiding under his desk while the rest of the Soviet forces were trying to create a look-a-like of Romanov who Tanya was not fooled by.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviets seize the entire western hemisphere (including the United States and recently the Carribean) Yuri was impressed with the Soviet generals that confirmed the Union's power over the world. But what the Soviet forces do not know is that Yuri has secretly massed his own forces and now sees the Soviet Union as a threat to his new force. Then, Lieutenant Zofia has presented the Soviet forces a secret tape of Romanov, telling the Soviets that Yuri has really killed him and gives out his last order to defeat Yuri. The Soviets have massed just outside the Kremlin (where Yuri is expecting the Soviets to kill him), and led themselves to victory over Yuri's own forces and destroyed the Kremlin and thus, eliminated Yuri.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Empire Campaign
  • As the Empire of The Rising Sun were confirming their dominance on the world by taking over both the Soviet Union and the United States and after defending their home land from the joint Allied/Soviet task force in Yokohama, Crown Prince Tatsu has ordered Commander Kenji Tenzai to storm the Soviet capital of Moscow as Premier Anatoly Cherdenko is planning to use his time machine in an attempt to change history again. Kenji was also told to hold out until the Shogun Executioner arrived. Then, as the executioner arrived in Moscow, Kenji has helped the giant robot cut a swath of destruction to the Soviet capital and even defeated General Nicolai Krukov, once the Executioner destroyed the Kremlin, Kenji ordered Jet Tengus to destroy Cherdenko's time machine which was airlifted out of the underground base of the Kremlin, and thus the Soviets were defeated for all time by the Empire.
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