Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji.jpg
Country: Japan
Locale Type: Volcano
Population: N/A

[edit] Real History

Mt. Fuji is a stratovolcano in southeastern Japan, rising at over 12,000 feet high, Fuji is one of the striking features of Japan. Fuji formed possibly by a massive volcanic ise of the sea floor during pre-history times and it was first climbed by a monk (name unknown) in 663. During the feudal times in Japan, a lot of samurai trained at the base if the mountain as during these times was considered sacred ground, and it was so sacred some say dyuring the feudal times that only a person with full of pure spirit can reach the summit. Fuji is a dormant volcano with its last recorded eruption being in the year 1707, which choked the lungs of the people of Edo (present day Tokyo). Fuji is at times dangerous to climb because of the unpredictability of Fuji. Fuji's perfect volcanic shape also made it a primary symbol of ancient Japanese art (more noteably Hokusai Katsushika's famous painting project, "The 36 views of Mt. Fuji). Today, not much has changed to Fuji, it is still visited by tourists and climbers alike and it is still symbol of Japanese art.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviets defeat not only the Western Allies and conquered all of Europe, they also eliminated General Nicolai Krukov making Commander Oleg Vodnik the new general. Premier Anatoly Cherdenko receives word that there is still Imperial occupations in the Union, but Cherdenko says that they are nothin without their beloved leader, Emperor Yoshiro. So, he orders Commander Nicolai Moskvin to the Imperial Palace at the base of Mt. Fuji and assassinate the Emperor,but before Moskvin can proceed with his mission, Doctor Gregor Zelinsky secretly tells him and the rest of the Soviet commanders about Cherdenko's time machine. The opperation began as a desctreet operaion as a conscript and a war bear were sent in to assassinate the emperor who was in his garden, as the conscript and the war bear slip passed the guards, he attempts the assassination but were caught as the Emperor wa sjust a clever imposter, but reinforcements arrived to give Moskvin the ower he needs to complete his objective. But first he must waste through the Emperor's best commanders on reserve after defeating the 3 commanders, he commands his forces to the plalace to finish the job the right way, and as the palace is destroyed, Yoshiro tries to make a daring escape with his own King Oni, but he was eliminated and his Empire would die along with him.

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