Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore
Mt Rushmore.jpg
Country: United States
Locale Type: National Monument
Population: N/A

[edit] Real History

A mountain in South Dakota in the United States. The Mountain was found in 1885 by Lawyer Charles Rushmore. Rushmore decided to carve the mountain to attract tourists to this lightly inhabited land. Then after receiving approval for turning the mountain into a national monument by President Calvin Coolidge, historian Doane Robinson also began work on the project, and he decided that the mountein to be sculpted out of American Presidents who were crucial to the country's existance and way of life, that is when Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt (who was added in in later porjects) and Abraham Lincoln, sculptor Gutzon Borglum was the new leader of the project and in 1927 the project began. The carving did not only involve pick axes, but explosives as well. This took 14 years to complete. Now this is a popular tourist destination as it draws millions of tourists every year.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Allied Campaign
  • As both the Allies and the Soviet Union have destroyed the Empire of The Rising Sun's Black Tortoise island fortress. It seemed that the 2 factions would have a better relationship. But what Premier Anatoly Cherdenko discovered that the Allies would fire against Moscow, he was upset. Field Marshal Robert Bingham and Lieutenant Eva McKenna discover that there is a secret laser cannon buried deep within Mt. Rushmore. Bingham knew right away that this had to be the work of President Howard T. Ackerman as Ackerman hates the Soviets with a passion and intends to destroy Moscow with this weapon. Then, Commander Warren Fuller was ordered to stop Ackerman from firing his weapon, with the aid of Special Agent Tanya he destroyed the comm tower next to the monument. But Ackerman had a backup plan, he still intends to fire the weapon, but now has to try a more direct approach and he also had a detonation device near his heart (which if he dies the weapon will fire). Fuller ans Tanya had to fight against fellow Allied forces loyal to the President in order to destroy the fire base before the President reaches it. During the battle the other heads alsorevealed to be laser cannons, and fired in Fuller's forces. Fuller knows that he must act quickly, so he ordered Century Bombers to air drop Engineers to stop the sub-lasers from firing. Fuller eventually destroyed the fire base, but in a last ditch effort, Ackerman tried to escape but Fuller ordered Apollo Fighters to eliminate the president's helicopter before he could escape, and they did.
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