Natasha Volkova

Natasha Volkova
Birthplace: Leningrad, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Gina Carano
Unit Type: Commando Infantry
Cost: 2,000
Trained at: Barracks
Requires: Battle Lab
Special Ability:
Pilot Snipe

Natasha Volkova is considered one of the finest warriors of the Soviet Union. Trained by the Soviet government from a young age, she was trained in the ways of unarmed combat, marksmanship and even swimming. Throughout her lifelong training, she has proven a worthy adversary during several small battles with the Allies. As the Empire of The Rising Sun invaded the Soviet Union, she helped the Soviets defend Lenningrad from the Empire, however she did not fight the Allies in the Soviets' campaign for Europe, but joined the Allies along with the other Soviet forces in their fight against the Empire as she paired with Special Agent Tanya Adams, in Gibraltar. The 2 even found the Black Tortoise in the north sea. However, she goes back to her hometown in Leningrad, unfortunately for her she was killed in the Allies campaign for the city. She uses a special sniper rifle which uses special ammunition that go through several enemy infantry units, she even has airstrike authority, once she targets a building or a stationary vehicle she can call in a small force of bombers and can destroy the target. Her special ability is the pilot snipe, this ability will allow her to target the driver of the vehicle redering it inoperable until another infantry unit pilots the vehicle unit.

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