New York

New York
Statue of Liberty.jpg
Country: United States
Status: Major City
Population: 8 Million

[edit] Real History

New York (the island) was discovered in 1524 buy Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano. Though, the first inhabitants were French but it became a place for Dutch buisness trading, so the city was named "New Amsterdam". But when other European settlers were coming into North America plitical tensions becgan to mount (especially between the Ducth and the British) and during the 1600's the british have massed an assualt in the island, the dtcu has created a wall (now known as Wall Street) in defense of the British invasion, but he British have gone through the Dutch defenses and taken over the island, renaming it after the Duke of York, thus "New York". Over the next 400 years, the city would flourish and would become the biggest city in the United States, and throughout the same time period, the city would also be the center of some of the most histroical battles and events such as the battle of Manhattan Island during the American Revolution, and the September 11 terror attacks which cuased the destruction of the World Trade Center. New York is now home to around 8 Million people from many different countries around the world.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Soviet Union invaded the United States, one of their first campaigns in the country is the coastal cities, several Dreadnaughts are launching their missiles at the Statue of Liberty the biggest monument of the United states and a huge symbol of American Spirit. Special Agent Tanya Adams was sent to destroy the Dreadnaughts before they destroy the statue. Though Tanya would destroy the Dreadnaughts, but a surprise V3 Launcher would destroy the Statue and the Statue's destruction is followed by a warning message by Premier Alexander Romanov telling Americans to either surrender to the Soviets or die. Meanwhile, Tanya and a platoon of G.I.s head for Fort Bradley nearby and brought the fort back online. With that tanya and the G.I.s took the small Soviet establishment by surprise and destroyed it. Thus, ending the Soviet occupation in New York and most of the east coast.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviet Union was seizing territory in the United States. Yuri has revealed his plan to use his lastest invention, the Psychic Beacon. This device makes humans lose their individuality and become willing slaves to the Soviet Union. Yuri wants the anonymous commander to build the first Psychic Beacon in New York. The Soviet forces have met with a considerable defense force while trying to head for the World Trade center (which an Allied Battle Lab was located), but once the Soviets captured this lab, they constructed the beacon, and with a strong land and anti-air defense for the beacon, everybody in the city became Soviet pupets.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Soviet Campaign
  • With the Allies defeated at Easter Island, the last of the survivng Allied forces retreated to the United States while the Soviets were battling their own leader Premier Anatoly Cherdenko. Then, Lieutenant Dasha Fedorovich have located the conentrated Allied force in New York, where President Howard T. Ackerman and the Allies must make their last stand against the Soviets. The Allies and the Soviets fought hard, and despite Ackerman kicking up the alert level several times, the Soviets have defeated the Allies once and for all, and even destroyed the Statue of Liberty (Ackerman's base of opperations).

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