No traitors tomorrow

No traitors tomorrow
Soviet Mission 6.png
Location: Von Esling AFB, Iceland
Co-Commander Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Oleg Vodnik
Opponents: * Allied Crest.jpgCommander Giles Price


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • Destroy the 2 Allied frontline bases
  • Eliminate General Krukov
  • Destroy the Allied Secondary base

[edit] Bonus objective

  • Build an expansion base

[edit] Overview

After the assassination attempt on Premier Anatoly Cherdenko, he now orders you to drive the rest of the Western Allies out of the continent of Europe. However as you will attack the last of the Allied control on Europe, Cherdenko will find out who is the person who is responsible for his attempted assassination.

[edit] Tatics

You will start with only a few structures, and with a lot of resources to build more structures, so build enough structures including an air base so you can build Twinblades, which will be a good help in this mission, but be on the lookout for Apollo Fighters which can shoot down your air units, so make sure you also build MiG Fighters to counter them. Your first move is to take out the air base in the northeast, as the mission goes on, General Nicolai Krukov will appear, and will syphion most of your credits, making you think on how to spend the last of your credits, however he will be on your side for a while as you take out the Allied frontline bases. After you destroy the air base to the northeast, build a Sputnik and a Twinblade, and use the Twinblade to carry the Sputnik to the northeast, and have it unpack into a command hub and built some Ore Refineries to replace the allied refineries you have destroyed, this will give you some more resources to build more units, during this mission Cherdenko will notify you about the traitor and the man responsible for his assassination attempt, it is Krukov and this is when he will start to attack you, the key to defeating Krukov is not fighting him head on, but built some Twinblades and attack his command tower to the southeast, but lead your Twinblades to the northeast and then due south, always first destroy the defense artillery surrounding the tower, and then the tower. As you destroy Krukov's tower, any of Krukov's survivng forces will be yours, making the mission easier to complete. Then, the Allies will reveal their Proton Collider, and will fire in about 6 minutes, the superweapon is to the northeast and is not very well defended, build some Twinblades and destroy it to remove a huge threat to your base. Then, when you have anough resources build some Kirov Airships and destroy the Allied secondary base, or you could build another expansion base and build a war factory and build some Hammer Tanks.

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