Pacifier FAV

Pacifier FAV
Pacifier FAV.jpg
Type: Anti-Infantry/ Artillery
Country of Origin: United States
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 2,000
Built at: Armor Facility
Requirements: * Defense Bureau
  • Heightened Clearence
Special Ability: Deploy

[edit] Description

  • Abilities

Again, Futuretech has worked together to make another advanced unit for the Allied forces. They also wanted some kind of mobile artillery weapon that they can use, the answer was the Pacifier FAV. The name may be silly, but when used on the battlefield, it is anything but. It uses 2 rotary machine guns to easily defeat infantry, and when deployed. It will become a temperary artillery weapon and use plusating plasma cannons to destroy even large forces and force them to turn back.

  • Limitations

The Pacifier FAV does come with a few problems. The machine guns it uses can defeat infantry very easily, but it can not stand against vehicles very well. When the FAV is deployed into an artillery weapon, there is a mark that appears on an area of the battlefield that tells the enemy where the plasma shots are going to land, giving the enemy time to retreat, and it is for long range purposes, it is not good for close range battles.

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