Country: France
Locale Type: Major City/ National Capital
Population: 2 Million

[edit] Real History

Paris was discoverd in 4200 B.C. by a group of settlers. It was a small establishment for a long time, until the anicent Romans conquered the city in 52 B.C. and Paris have thrived on the Roman Empire. Then as that empire fell, Pairs went into deline. During the middle ages 400,000 people died from the balck plague and the city was claimed by the British, and was recliamed by King Charles the seventh. As the 18th century came the city was the center of the conquest of Napoleon Bonaparde as he made his run for Europe, and then lost as he invaded Russia, Paris was taken by the Russians after Napoleon's empire collapsed in Europe. But was once again re-claimed by King Louis the Seventeenth. During the industrial revolution, Pairs boomed in income and military power, and it also became the home for modern technology, it even held the Universal Exopsition in 1889. During the first World War, Paris was in the center of all of the conflicts fought in Europe, the city was taken by the Germans and then was re-claimed by the French (with the help of the British, the Canadians and the Americans), but as the Second World War began, Germany claimed Paris once again, and it remained German until 1944, as the British, the French and the Americans liberated the city and eventually defeated Germany. Paris still remains the capital of France, and it is one of the more famous European cities as it draws millions of tourists every year.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviets continue to pund the United States and even defended their beloved mother land. The leaders of the Allies have agreed to join forces to try to level the playing field against the Soviets, but the American and European leaders are still waivering on whether this should happen, and unfortunately for the Allies this caught the ears of the Soviets. They sent a small (but powerful) force to Paris and wasted through the weak defense force and even used the Eifell Tower as one giant Teasla Coil to destroy the entire city, and with that Europe slowly suucumbs to the Soviet Union.

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