Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor.jpg
Country: *(Real History) United States
  • (RA3)Japan
Locale Type: *Port Town
  • Military Installation
Population: N/A

[edit] Real History

During the mid-19th century, as the Kingdom of Hawaii was in turmoil, there was also a quarrel between the United States, Great Britain, France and Spain on to see who can dock at the southern part of Oahu island in Hawaii. As the U.S. seized Midway Island, tensions were rising, and this is when the rulers of Hawaii have stepped up to try to do something, but the original government was weak to handle situation and during a small war against Spain, the U.S. and Britain have joined to defeat the Spanish in the Pacific Ocean, as a result, the United States overthrew the Monarch Government in Hwaii and the islands became a part of the United States. But the story does not end there, on December 7, 1941. As Japan was on its campaign for the Pacifc (hoping to establish their Empire) they attacked the American Naval base at the Harbor, Sinking 9 American war ships (Including the USS Arizona) and over 2,000 people were killed. But the harbor would prove crucial in the U.S. campiagn to bring Japan's Empire down, it was still in use and repaired American ships during the many battles in the Pacific. Today, the Ameircan Naval base is still there and houses many of the country's ships and submarines.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Western Allies were regaining ground in the United Sataes from the Soviet Union, the Soviets were not finished however. They have activated the brunt of their navy and are sending them to the American Naval base at Pearl Harbor. But the Allies were waiting for the Soviets as they were gaining land in Hawaii, and in a short battle, the Allies have defeated the Soviets at Pearl Harbor.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviets were dominating on virtually every corner of the globe and siezing the entire continental United States. Yuri has used his mind control ability to make him be promoted to supreme commander of the Soviet forces by Premier Alexander Romanov. Yuri orders the Soviets to invade Hawaii and destroy the American Naval base at Pearl Harbor. The Soviets have even met with the Allied fleet from Korea, and with their strong naval ships, they defeated the Allied fleet and destroyed the base.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Empire Campiagn
  • As the Empire of The Rising Sun was dominating areas in the Soviet Union. Little did they know that the Allies declared war on the Empire after Emperor Yoshiro send out his message of surrender to the countries loyal to the Allies. Crown Prince Tatsu received intel that the Allies are planning for an attack on the Empire's naval base at Pearl Harbor, which the Empire demolished an American Naval base with their own and important shrines as well. With the Empire's seemingly invincible army, they easily defeated the Allies at Pearl Harbor.
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