Premier Alexander Romanov

Premier Alexander Romanov
Birthplace: Moscow, USSRUSSR Flag.png
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed By: Nickolas Wurth

As the Soviet Union lost the battle between the Western Allies, Premier Josef Stalin was killed during the war, during the post war occupations President Michael Dugan wanted to find the last remaining Romanov faily member, this is when he found Alexander, and appointed him as Soviet Premier. It seemed that Soviet Union was heading to more freedom methods of lifestyle with Romanov in office. But what the Allies did not realize is that Romanov was with the communism ways of the Soviet Union, and wanting revenge on the Allies for what they did to his home country. Now he launches an all out attack on the strongest Allied nation, the United States. As Dugan calls Romanov, Dugan tells Romanov to call off his forces, he refuses. He hopes to control all four corners of the globe, but was halted by the fast retaliating Allies in the United States. Then, as the Allies were thinking of ways to apprehend this maniacal leader, Romanov tries to duplicate some of the Allies superior technology, but again was defeated by the Allies. Then, he secretly built Nuclear Missile Silos in Cuba in hopes to destroy the American cities, but was topped by the Allies and their Chronosphere. Then as the Allies used their Chronosphere to invade Moscow, they easily defeated the stronghold around Red Square, and eventually his elite black guard around the Kremlin, allowing Special Agent Tanya Adams and an elite GI force to invade the Kremlin. The Soviets tried to fool Tanya by creating a lookalike, but failed and found Romanov underneath his desk, he was later charged for war crimes and millions of deaths in both Europe and the United States, and imprisoned in the tower of London. A few months later, as his former advisor Yuri unveiled his Psychic Dominator system, he also finds out about Einstein's time machine. But despite the Soviets' acting quickly, they failed to capture the time machine form the Allies.

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