Premier Yunesky Cherdenko

Premier Yunesky Cherdenko
Birthplace: Moscow, USSR
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Portrayed by: Tim Curry

Colonel Yunesky Cherdenko soon discovers that the Soviet Union is being dissolved, so he and General Boris Krukov decide to unveil Cherdenko's secret project, a time machine. What he did is went back to 1927 during the scientific cinvetion which Proffesor Albert Einstein participated in, and eliminated the doctor before he could help the Allies. In the altered timeline, the Soviet union is stronger than it was before, powerful enough to actually defeat the Allies. But what Cherdanko does nt know that not only would he be pronounced Premier, but another faction is now threatening the Mother land, the Empire of The Rising Sun. He moved his forces quickly to defeat the Empire out of the Union, but when he began to move his forces into Europe, he did score a few victories against the Western Allies, but when he made his move on Great Britain, the allies have bounced back and gained the upper hand. Then, Cherdenko called for a seize fire so that the Allies and the Soviets can work together against the Empire. But, after the Allies defated the Empire at Tokyo, Cherdenko begins his scret project to crush the United States, by equping Kirov Airships with megaton bombs, but his plan will fail, and he made a last resort effort to escape into outer space, but he was defeated and caught by the Allies.

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