Prism Tower

Prism Tower
Prism Tower.jpg
Affiliation: Western Allies
Cost: 1500
Requires: Air Force Command Center
Power: - 75

The Prism Tower used by Allies to counter Soviet defense the Tesla Coils. Prism Towers are very high and visible, but powerful defensive structure. It is equipped with prism dish on the top, developed by none other Professor Albert Einstein. The prism beam can eliminate infantry and armored vehicles very quickly. Though it requires to reload between each shot. Various changes have been made to improve the Prism Towers, now they can be deployed further from Allied base. Prism Towers can support each other, emitting additional prism focus energy to closest Prism Towers and increasing their power of each blast. All of the Prism Towers located in a radius of chosen Prism Tower can support it in the defense.

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