Professor Shinji Shimada

Professor Shinji Shimada
Shinji Shimada.jpg
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Affiliation: Neutral
Portrayed By: N/A

Professor Shinji Shimada was once known to be one of the most brilliant scientists in Japan, and was once a good friend of Doctor Gregor Zelinsky. Shinji's study is to train smart children into using their own minds as weapons, his project was known as "Omega", he has taken 2 girls, Izumi and Yuriko, and took them to Okinawa to perform his research. However when the war between the 3 factions escallated, his project was greatly effected, and as the Empire of The Rising Sun was driven back by the Soviet Union and moved their attention to the Western Allies as that faction began their campaign for the pacific, and despite the Allies' defeat to the Empire at sea, some of the Allied soliders captured the 2 girls and imprisoned them on Guam, though both Yuriko and Izumi escpaed from their captures and headed abck to Japan, Shinji told them about his project and Izumi believed to be the better subject, which lead to the murder of Izumi by Yuriko. With his project oppresively failed, Shinji committed Seppuku.

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