Psychic Dominator

Psychic Dominator
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 5000
Requires: Yuri's Battle Lab
Power: - 500

This is the Psychic Dominator Yuri's most powerful super weapon. This is a super weapon that has a different effect unlike other super weapons on both Allied & Soviet. It differs because once the psychic dominator is used on the battlefield it does not only destroy enemies on targeted site but any infantry and tank units on the target area will be under mind control. Some said that it was because when the psychic dominator is used during the destruction of the targeted area Yuri's face appears and it manipulated the minds of those on targeted area. When Yuri unveiled his plans to the world, Yuri uses the psychic dominator as the main source of his power. Even though Yuri was well prepared he underestimated the Allied and Soviet, thus both Faction prevented Yuri's attempt of world domination.

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