Raid on the Lost Castle

Raid on the Lost Castle
Soviet Mission 2 U.png
Location: Romania
Opponent: Futuretech.jpg EU Leader Rupert Thornley

[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Rendzevous with other Soviet Forces
  • 2.Rescue the Soviet Scientists
  • 3.The Soviet Scientists must survive

[edit] Briefing

The Soviet Underground has risen to act revenge on the [[Western Allies who have defeated them at Leningrad and captured their beloved leaders. However, they have received word that the EU Leader Rupert Thornley has begun a special project with the Allied corperation, Futuretech. The corperation have captured Soviet Scientists and are holding them in a special facility in Romania. Your job is to find these scientists ad bring them back to the union.

[edit] Tatics

You will start in the south east part of the battlefield with just a handful of Conscripts. Hav ethem take out any unit that is in their way. Though, the Attack Dogs and the Javelin Soldiers should not be too difficult to eliminate, but the Peacekeepers are another matter as they are equipped with shotguns that can take out your Conscripts without too much trouble, have your Conscripts use Molotov Cocktails to flush out garrisoned units, and you might want to garrison your own if need be. Once you reach the first rendzevous point, you will have access to Flak Troopers have them use their magnetic mines to eliminate the Assault Destroyers and Miltigunner IFVs, then you will face Athena Canons and infantry units either Peacekeepers or Javelin Soldiers, keep an eye out for paradrops in the area as well, deal with them before continuing on with your mission. Once you reach the second rendzevous point you will use Tesla Troopers, proceed to the fourth point to the north and at any time you need reinforcements wait until they arrive to avoid losing your forces and failing the mission. Once to the fourth rendzevous point, you will have access to the Soviet Underground's new unit, the Desolator which can eliminate infantry very easily. Once you have a good force, attack the base in the center of the battlefield, then find and rescue the Soviet scientists have them join your forces. as soon as you rescued the 3 scientists, escort them to the area you have started. Beware of the Pacifier FAVs, they can eliminate a good part of your force, note that not all of the scientists have to survive, but you need at least one once you reach the south part of the battlefield.

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