Rocket Angel

Rocket Angel
Rocket Angel A.jpg
Unit type: Advanced aerial infantry
Country of origin: Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 800
Built at: Instant Dojo
Requires: Instant Dojo Breakthrough
Special Ability: Paralysis Whip

Traditionally, the Imperial army does not allow women to train and fight along with the rest of the warriors, but Emperor Yoshiro and Crown Prince Tatsu lifted these limitations not too long ago. By using advanced rocket technology, these women who train with these special rocket suits in Hokkaido, they can fight for their Empire. A Rocket Angel's weapons are a series of plasma based rockets that can attack all kinds of terrain based units either they are on the ground, on the water, or in the air. Her Special Ability is the Paralysis Whip, just like the Allied Cryocopter's freeze ray she can stop a unit dead in its tracks, but the Rocket Angel can not use her whip on base defenses. Despite her great abilities and her suit, because the suit makes the women airborne, they are vulnerable to anti-air artillery, though they can hold their own against Javelin Soldiers and Flak Troopers, but not so for anti-air vehicles and base defenses.

[edit] Quotes


  • "Rocket Angel, suited up."
  • "All fired up."
  • "Just give me the signal."


  • "Let's go, Angels."
  • "Let's fly."
  • "Boosters on."


  • "Nothing a girl can't handle."
  • "You ready for me?"
  • "I won't go easy on 'em."
  • "Give 'em the cold shoulder."

Under attack

  • "You big bully."
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