San Antonio

San Antonio
San Antonio.jpg
Country: United States
Locale Type: Major City
Population: 1 Million

[edit] Real History

San Antonio was founded in 1716 by spanish settlers. The city also rapidly grew over the years, and for years was one of the biggest spanish cities in North America. Then as Mexico split from the Spanish in 1824, it became a trading port and military base for the new Mexicans. However, a few years later San Antonio was taken by American frontiermen (led by Jim Bowie) and even established their own settlement in the city's landmark, The Alamo. in 1836, the Mexicans and the Americans have fought for the Alamo. At first the Mexicans were sucessful at taking back the Alamo, but in another few years, the Mexicans would lose ground in North America and seizing most of their Territories to the United States, thus making San Antonio an American city. San Antonio is now one of the biggest cities in Texas (only third behind Houston and Dallas) and the Alamo is toured by thousands of people every year.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviet Union is tightening its grip on the United States, President Michael Dugan has no other choice but to come back to the Soviet occupied United States. He has secretly retreated to San Antonio and to the Alamo. But somehow, Yuri discovered Dugan's hiding sopt and sent his Psychic corp after the heavily fortified landmark, capturing the President would confirm the Soviet Union's control over the United States. It was hard mission, but the psychic corp. have destroyed the fortifications and captured Dugan before he could escape.
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