Sea Wing/ Sky Wing

Sea Wing/ Sky Wing
Sea Wing.jpg
Unit Types: Anti-Air Naval/Anti-Surface Air
Country of origin: Japan
Affiliation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Cost: 1,100
Built at: Instant Docks
Requires: Instant Docks Upgrade
Special Ability: Air Emerge/Sea Submerge

This is another robotic converging unit for the Empire of the Rising Sun. This submarine has an advantage to oncoming aircraft as it can fire against such units that is within range. This unit can use its special ability to go from a submarine unit into an anti-surface unit which can attack units on the ground. However there are several drawbacks to this unit. It can not attack other naval units in submerged mode and it can not fire on other air units once it is in the air and in order to use its special abiltiy while it is in the air, there must be water around.

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