Shogun Executioner

Shogun Executioner
Shogun Executioner.jpg
Unit Type: Special Armor
Weapon: 3X Plasma Katanas
Special Ability: Executioner Shockwave

Though this experiment never transpired in the real story of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. But, if you play the Empire of The Rising Sun campaign, you will control the biggest robot that the Empire has ever created. It has 3 torsos which are equipped with plasma powered katanas that can destroy anything with minimal effort. Its Special Ability is the Executioner shock wave, which can destroy all ground based units. Though it can resist virtually any kind of enemy fire, but it has a problem with air units as it not only can not attack them but if it is an air unit that can attack ground units (I.E. a Twinblade) they pose a significant threat to the executioner, plus it is a very, very slow unit.

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