Slave Miner

Slave Miner
Slave Miner.jpg
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Cost: 1500
Weapon: Machine Gun
Build at: Structure Tab & Yuri's Warfactory
Requires: Yuri's Warfactory & Yuri's Construction Yard & Bio Chamber
Unit Type: Ore Gathering
Special Ability: None

The Slave Miner one of the important unit in Yuri's army. The Slave miner have only one task gathering ore's for the cost of production of other units, structures and other else. Slave Miner has a many great advantage over other refinery, Unlike any refinery structure, Slave Miner can move from place to place after the ore's are emptied in one area while others cannot. It also posses a sub machine gun to protect itself from attacks, enemy infantry units are vulnerable from the sub machine gun. It posses a fair defense which makes it hard to destroy. The Slave Miner can also be produce at a fast pace one in structure tab and another can be produce in the war factory with it Yuri's army can collect ore's at fast pace. Though when an enemy successfully destroyed the Slave Miner, all the slaves currently outside the Slave Miner will be set free and they are also capable of attacking.

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