Unit Type: Infiltrator
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Afiliation Western Allies
Cost: 1,000
Built at: Boot Camp
Requires Heightened Clearence
Special Ability: Bribe

The Spy is one of allied forces main key in upgrading their infantry, tank and structure units. The Spy has no power to defend itself but it posses a special ability that copies enemy infantry units only, giving spy's to walk and infiltrate enemy structures. The only way a spy could be detected is the attack dogs. Also spy's cannot infiltrate enemy structures if it is sealed by walls. The Spy's Special ability in Red Alert 3 is the Bribing ability, which it can use the commander's credits to recruit enemy units, but it will not work on airborne units and heroic level units.

[edit] Quotes


  • "Ready to Infiltrate."
  • "Give me a plan."
  • "Commander?"
  • "I don't like bears."
  • "Watch out for scouts."


  • "Undercover."
  • "Cheers."
  • "For King and Country."

Moving into the water

  • "Ah, refreshing."

Moving onto land

  • "Have my towel ready."
  • "Ah, day at the beach."

Using his special ability

  • "Every man has his purpose."

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