St. Louis

St. Louis
Country: United States
Locale Type: Major City
Population: 350,000

[edit] Real History

St. Louis was found in 1678 by French explorers who would claim the land as the "Louisiana Territory". The city was established in 1699 (though under the name Cahokia) this became a settlement for the French until the French and Inidian War as the British were the victors, this is when the settlement was given to the Spanish. St. Louis was in fact the capital of the upper Louisiana territory. The settlement was attacked by the Britiah during the American Revolution the city was saved. Then in the years after the American revolution, St. Louis then became French again as the Spanish gave the Louisiana territory back to the French. But with Nepolean Boneaparde wanting to create his territory in America, President Thomas Jefferson became concerned of another aggresive empire in the country, so he went to France in hopes to buy New Orleans and West Florida for 10 Million Dollars, but for 15 Million Dollars, they have gained the entire Lousiana Territory, thus St. Louis became an American city. The city is now home to 350,000 people and has the famous Gateway Arch and it is the very first Major American city west of the Mississippi River.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Allied Campaign
  • After the Allies have protected the Hawaiian Islands from the Soviets, Allied intel has told the Allied forces that the Soviets still occupy some areas in the United States, and Yuri has constructed another Psychic Beacon in St. Louis, but this time it is a different model and can affect anybody within the vincinity of St. Louis. Special Agent Tanya Adams and her special task force know that they must move fast before they become communists themselves, luckily they have destroyed the Beacon before they were affected by it, and they have also destroyed the Soviet base in the city, not only ending the Soviet occupation in St. Louis, but the entire country.
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