St. Petersburg (Leningrad)

St. Petersburg (Leningrad)
Country: Russia
Locale Type: Major City
Population: 5 Million

[edit] Real History

This city was the work of the famous Russian Tsar, Peter "The Great" Romanov. While siezing land from the Sweds, he wanted to create a port city (since Peter had a special interest in ships). The city was built in just a decade and in 1712 it replaced Moscow as the capital of Russia. Peter Even helped establish schools and even shipping docks in the city, all before his death in 1725. During the 19th century, a rebellion in St. Petersburg tried to assassinate Tsar Nicholas. Nicholas even signed the emanciaption of the sefs suring his rule. But as the 20th century began Russia went into a state of decline, and a group of rebels catured the city, reneming it Petrograd, after the first world war, and after the Bolshevik party overthrew the Tsars, the city was renamed again, Leningrad, and it lost its title of capital to Moscow. The city is now back being named St. Petersburg and it remains a huge city in Russia.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Allies averted a potential disaster to the United States in Havana. Field Marshal Robert Bingham now has decided to take the war back to the Soviet Union, he has received reports that Premier Anatoly Cherdenko and General Nicolai Krukov are massing their forces in Leningrad, Bingham has assigned Commander Warren Fuller to the job of defeating the Soviets at Leningrad and apprehend Chardenko and Krukov. At this point, Leningrad is still badly damaged from the assault by the Empire of The Rising Sun during the early parts of the war. What Fuller will soon discover that Cherdenko is planning to evacuate to outer space in a space shuttle underneath the Peter & Paul Fortress. Fuller knows that his ofrces must move fast ans power up quickly before Cherdenko escapes. All the while, Krukov plans to destroy the Allies in one fell swop with the Soviets' suerwespon the Vacuum Imploder, but Fuller's forces destroyed the weapon before it even fired. The Allies even eliminated Natasha Volvova who was present during the battle. Eventually Fuller' chronoshifted his best forces across the river and onto the fortress where the Tanks and heavy firepower units layed waste to the fortress, with that both Cherdenko and Krukov were captured and imprisoned as the Allies begin their post-war occupations in both Russia and Japan.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviet forces were all concentrated in Europe in hopes to drive out the Western Allies out of the continent completely. They have left their beloved mother land exposed to anybody for the taking, and that would be the Empire of The Rising Sun, as the Empire has siezed Soviet territory in Vorkuta and Stalingrad, they now make their way towards the Soviet Union's major cities, Moscow and Leningrad. Premier Anatoly Cherdenko has ordered Commander Oleg Vodnik to the task of protecting the city, and with the help of Natasha Volkova, he has stifled the Imrial invasion on Leningrad, giving the Soviet people a new dose of hope that the Soviets will drive the Empire out of their mother land.
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