Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii/United States

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Establish a base in the Hawaiian Islands
  • 2. Eliminate all Allied activity in the area

[edit] Overview

With the Soviets' devestating attacks in Europe, the European Union is unable to help the United States in their war against the Soviet Union. As the States continue to succumb to Soviet supremecy, Premier Romanov thanks both you and General Vladimir. However Romanov has turned the supreme command of the Soviet forces over to his advisor Yuri, which angers Vladimir. However Yuri informs you that the rest of the Allied Fleet is gathering in the South Pacific and are heading to Hawaii. Your mission is to eliminate what is left of the Allied Fleet at Pearl Harbor and set up a new presence for the Soviet Union.

[edit] Tatics

You will start off with a Soviet MCV and several ground and sea units. Your first move is to establish a base with several Ore Refineries and a Naval Shipyard (as your navy is your best chances of completing your mission). As you have enough resources, build around 10 Typhoon Submarines. During the mission, you will receive a message telling you that the Korean/Allied fleet is en route to Pearl Harbor and if they reach the harbor, they'll make the mission difficult to complete. Use your subs to destroy as much of the korean/Allied fleet as you can before they reach Pearl Harbor. As you progress through the mission, you will also receive more naval units including Dreadnaughts that can destroy far away targets (either they are at sea or on dry land), but you only have 2 of them and they can not be replaced, so be careful when using them. After replacing your losses to your Typhoon Submarine fleet, command them to attack the Allied Base at Pearl Harbor which is to the northwest from your base. Have your Dreadnaughts come in from behind your subs as you will have to deal with Prism Towers at this base and have the Dreadnaughts eliminate them. Now, you can also build a Barracks and a War factory to build infantry and tanks to eliminate the base on land. Be careful of other enemy units on land near the base.

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