Sun Temple

Sun Temple
Sun Temple.png
Location: Tuluum, Mexico

[edit] Objectives

  • 1. Locate the Secret Soviet Prism facility
  • 2. Capture the Prism facilities
  • 3. Eliminate all Soviet acitivity

[edit] Overview

As the Western Allies are now in toal control of this war. Now the Allied leaders are coming up with a plan to apprehend Romanov. As they come up with a plan, you are given a job in Mexico. The Soviets have established a secret facility which they are attempting to develop a device to counter the Prism technology of the Allies, your mission is to re-take or destroy the facility.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin the mission with several elite Navy SEALs. Have them go to the west to a nearby villiage to free a small Allied force being held hostage, with them go back to the east and away from the Soviets (attacking them head on in this mission is foolhardy) and have them head south. with the SEALs and your engineers, eliminate any infantry unit near the prism facilities and have engineers capture the facilities (you will be given reinforcements doing so), along with the prism facilities, also capture the nearby tesla reactors to have them come online, they will eliminate any Soviet armored unit that is near. Then, destroy the Soviet base with a combination of the SEALs and the small Allied force, but be careful.

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