Country: Australia
Locale Type: Major City/National Capital
Population: 4 Million

[edit] Real History

Though, Sydney existed around 30,000 years ago, but it did not become an European establishment until 1770 when explorer James Cook from Great Britain landed in the area. Though as another group of European people landed in Sydney in 1788, the area had a poor envornment and not fit for habitation as thewater was not drinkable and the soil was not good for harvesting crops. Then, they venture north of where they landed and found more resources, this where they established the city of Sydney. But the Europeans and the native Australian people were in conflict, then the Governor of Sydney has decided to separate the Europeans from the natives of the country. The city thrived during the 19th century and even developed a rivalry with its neighboring city of Melbourne with the gold rushes that rocked the 1850's in Australia. Despite experiencing decline during the great depression, it recovered and now it is still the largest city in Australia ans still the country's capital.

[edit] Yuri's Revenge

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Allies were fighting Yuri as Yuri was coming up with one contingiency plan after another. Yuri has secretly established a special cloning laboratory in Sydney in which he intends to caputre and kill important leaders in the Allied faction and replace them with indentical clones that will carry out Yuri's work. Unfortunately for Yuri, this was not a secret for long, as special spies and sattelite recon had spotted Yuri's cloning labs and went to Sydney to destroy it, and they did.

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