Taking back the ice harbor

Taking back the ice harbor
Soviet Mission 3.png
Location: Vladivostok, USSR
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Zhana Agonskaya
Opponent: Empire Crest.jpgCrown Prince Tatsu


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Clear the island of enemy forces
  • 2.Construct a Barracks and a Naval shipyard
  • 3.Destroy the Imperial Scout Base
  • 4.Destroy the Imerial naval base
  • 5.Destroy the Imperial Military Administraion Castle

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Set up base defenses
  • 2.Destroy the Instant Generators

[edit] Overview

Even with the retaliation of the Soviet Union, the Empire of The Rising Sun still occupies small regions of the mother land to the east. In fact, there are reports that Crown Prince Tatsu has ordered the construction of an Imperial Military Administration Castle somewhere in the harbor town of Vladivostok. Your mission is to locate the Castle and destroy it, with that the Empire will no longer occupy the Union.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with Bullfrogs, order them to go northeast to a small island that is controlled by the Empire, launch your units out of the Bullfrogs and have them level the island, but since that the Conscripts can do minimal damage, you will have the support of a Soviet naval unit, the Stingray, they will be very useful for this mission, as soon as you clear the island of Imperial forces, you will have authority to build a base, make sure you build a barracks and a naval shipyard, and even some base defenses. As soon as you have a naval shipyard and enough resources, build Stingrays and command them to head to the extreme southwest to the Instant Generators, where you can turn off the defenses around any imperial base on the battlefield, then head north to the scout base, destroy any defenses before you attack the base. After that, draw your attention to the naval bases one is north of your base, and there is another one to the extreme northwest part of the battlefield. The Empire may use some Shogun Battleships, make one of your Stingrays use their special ability to disable it, and destroy it. After you destroy the docks, turn your attention to the Castle, but as soon as your forces reach the castle a Nanoswarm Hive activates, and a King Oni will come in to attack, fight the Oni while you are waiting for the Hive to dissipate, when it dissipates, destroy it.

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