Tesla Trooper

Tesla Trooper
Tesla Trooper.jpg
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Cost: 600
Weapon: Electricity
Built at: Soviet Barracks

Tesla Trooper a unit of Soviet Union that uses electricity in combat. Tesla Troopers can suffice the need of power to make assaults from enemy base. They deal heavy damage to Tank units, also effective on Infantry units. Tesla Troopers regular attack can be increased through Tesla Coil. Though their power is great they lack in mobility, they require the aid of a Flak Track to move on the battlefield faster.

[edit] Quotes


  • "Trooper fully charged."
  • "I'm wired."
  • "Who needs a jump?"
  • "Tesla suit ready."
  • "Charging Up."
  • "Fully Shielded."
  • "Free Hookups."


  • "In motion."
  • "Yes, commerade."


  • "Insulation won't help."
  • "He's fried."
  • "Here's your electric bill."

Under Attack

  • "I need shock therapy."

Garrisoning a building

  • "Could use some recharge time."
  • "Is it well insulated?"
  • "Looks well grounded."
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