The Fox & The Hound

The Fox & The Hound
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Location: San Antonio, Texas/United States

[edit] Objective

[edit] Overview

With Vladimir's treachery put down, now is the time to deliver the final blow to the United States. President Dugan has returned to the Soviet occupied United States and went to the place where he believes to be impenatrable: The Alamo in San Antonio. Your mission is to use Yuri's Psychic Corp. to mind control the President so the Soviets will have complete control of the United States.

[edit] Tatics

This mission can be difficult. because the small Allied base surrounding the Alamo has a very strong defense consisting of Attack Dogs, G.I.s, Grizzly Tanks and a new unit the Navy SEAL along with a system of Prism Towers. You will be given 3 PSI Commandos to use, one will control an I.F.V. command the vehicle carefully to the extreme southeast part of the battlefield and have it blow up the storage trucks for rank upgrades and extra resources, command another PSI Commando to control the units of a base to the north, use the G.I. to attack the other G.I. and eliminate him if you so choose. Then control the 2 Engineers and have them capture the Barracks and the Allied Battle Lab so you can train more units, but save your resources for more important uits do not just train G.I.s. use the third PSI Commando and have him go to the southeast part of the battlefield and control the Sniper, be careful that he does not see you and eliminate the PSI Commando, after clearing the base surrounding the airfield you can capture it for reinforcements if you so choose. then, command the I.F.V. to eliminate the G.I. and the Attack Dogs on the west part of the Alamo base and then destroy a part of the wall (just enough where your forces can come in). Train a Spy and take on a desguise of an Allied unit and command it to infiltrate the Battle Labs in the Alamo base, by doing so will give you access to Chrono Ivans which can move like a Chrono Legionaire but has the same weaponry as a Crazy Ivan. Train a Chrono Ivan and another Spy, have the spy infiltrate a power plant to power down the base for 1 minute and have your forces (supposed to be consisting of Conscripts, the I.F.V. and the Sniper). Once most of the base's forces have been decimated, have PSI commando capture the President. Remember at least one PSI Commando must survive the entire mission.

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