The Shark and the the lure

The Shark and the the lure
Allied Mission 2.png
Location: Cannes, France
Co-Commander: Allied Crest.jpgCommander Warren Fuller
Opponent: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Nicolai Moskvin


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Get Spies into the Port Buldings
  • 2.Get Tanya into the Port Authority Building
  • 3.Sink the Soviet Dreadnaughts
  • 4.Save the Allied leaders
  • 5.Wipe out the Soviet Base

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Neutralize the Defenses Guarding the Vindictators

[edit] Overview

The Soviet forces are beaten at Great Britain. But we have reports that the Allied leaders are being held captive somewhere in France. You are to rescue them at all costs. But first you must deal with their strong Naval system nearby, in order to distract them, you must capture their Port Authority Building on one of the nearby islands in Cannes. Special Agent Tanya Adams is assigned to your command.

[edit] Tactics

You must deal with the Soviet navy, but since they are strong you must cause a distraction. You have the ability to train Spies, and have them capture the 4 Port Buildings, but be careful, because the Soviets have War Bears that can spot your spies even with their disguises, capture the first 2 buildings on the western island train at least 6 spies for this, and have Tanya follow behind your spies to kill off any bears that may be in the area, but also have spies shut down any reators to deactivate any nearby tesla coils and have Tanya destroy them. Do the same thing at the eastern island. As Tanya is safely on the eastern island, order to capture the Port Authority bulding which is on the sothwest part of the island, and that will lure most of the Soviet navy out of your way, but some will survive, have Tanya destroy the survivng Dreadnaughts. At this point you can build an armor facility, and build Guardian Tanks. First thing's first, liberate the convention center where the Allied leaders are being held captive, remember that your tanks have little stopping power, so have at least 3 tanks use their special ability, the target painter which increases their power. You can also have tanya and a few spies destroy a defense that is holding Vindictators and completing a bonus objective, and making your mission easier to complete. After liberating the convention center, destroy the nearby Soviet Base, remember to use a good force of Guardian Tanks and Peacekeepers.

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