The famous liberation

The famous liberation
Allied Mission 3.png
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Co-Commander: Allied Crest.jpgCommander Lisette Hanley
Opponent: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Oleg Vodnik


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Escort the MCVs
  • 2.Destroy The Iron Curtain
  • 3.Destroy the 4 Super Reactor
  • 4.Destroy The Soviet Headquarters

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Assist Agent Tanya

[edit] Overview

The Soviet Occupation in Europe is almost over, the Allies have acquired reports that the Soviets have a secret headquarters in Heidelberg. Your mission is to destroy the headquarters and end the Soviets' occupation in Europe. Thw Allies also have reports that Special Agent Tanya Adams is in the area and is captured, rescue her.

[edit] Tatics

Your first move is to clear a small defense around the 2 entryways at the river. So that the MCVs can secure a base establishment for you and your co-commander. The first entryway to the northwest is easy, let your Dolphins destroy the defense, the second entryway to the southwest is protected by Tesla Coils use your Hydrofoils' special ability, the weapon jammer to disable the coils, once destroyed, you will now be free to build a base, while building your base be sure you build a defense around your base's northside as the Soviets will try to destroy it from that direction. It is also wise that you build at least 2 Air fields so that you can build a good number of Vindictators which will make destroying the Super Reactors much easier and safer for your forces. If you can, you can build a good force of Guardian Tanks and Peacekeepers and lead them into the soutwest to destroy a small base that is keeping Tanya captive, if you rescue her she will assist your forces. Your first move 9as posted before) should be the 4 Super reactros, which powers most of the base which consist of Tesla Coils, use your Vindictators to destroy them easily and safely. After they are destroyed, you can advance a force of Guardian Tanks and Peacekeepers you might also would want to use Vndictators for any tesla coils that can still attack. While attacking the base, make sure you destroy the Iron Curtain it will not activate, so do not worry about about destroying it right away. After you destroy thr base, build more forces if necessary, and destroy the nearby Apocalypse Tank, you might want to use some of your top secret protocals to help your forces destroy it, then focus all of your attention on the HQ, use Vindictators to destroy it quickly along with your ground forces.

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