The moon shall never have them

The moon shall never have them
Allied Mission 9.png
Location: Leningrad, USSR
Co-Commander: Allied Crest.jpgCommander Warren Fuller
Opponents: * Soviet Crest.jpgGeneral Nicolai Krukov


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Unpack MCV 1 at chrono drop zone 1
  • 2.Unpack MCV 2 at chrono drop zone 2
  • 3.Clear the Plateau of Soviets
  • 4.Destroy the 7 Iron Curtains
  • 5.Destroy the Premier's Fortress

[edit] Bonus Objective

  • 1. Destroy the Vacuum Imploder

[edit] Overview

The Soviet threat on the United States has been averted. Now the Allied high command is ordering a complete raid on the Soviet Union, and to send Premier Anatoly Cherdenko to justice for this betrayal and war crimes in Europe. He is hiding in the famous river Fortress in Leningrad, you will have your MCV ready and will be shrunk by a Crypcopter so it can slip pass defenses easily.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin with your MCV being shrunk by a Cryocopter it will slip pass defenses while in this state but it will nto stay shrunk for long so move it quickly to the designated chrono drop zone which is to the east on the plateau (you will see it on the rader). Than after that, you will have reinforcements that will clear the plateau of Soviet forces, to make way for base building. At this point you will have access to all of the Allies' units and weapons so use them to their full potential. As you begin to build your base, you will receive a message from Cherdenko saying that his fortress holds a space shuttle, which he intends to use it to escape to outer space with it, which means is that you have about 50 minutes to complete your mission, what is worse is that there is a huge system of Iron Curtains around the battlefield and they must be destroyed before you turn your attention to the space shuttle. Upgrade your base to have quick access to your powerful units. As soon as you have the ability, build Mirage Tanks and Athena Cannons and begin your run for the Iron Curtains by going to the southeast which a lot of those curtains are largely unprotected, the first one is wide open so destroy it as soon as you can. The second one is guarded by garrisoned Flak Troopers use your Athena Cannons to destroy the garrisoned buildings as well as the troopers themselves, then order your units to attack the Iron Curtain, the third one is also lightly protected it is alsohwere you will find Natasha Volkova kill her as soon as you see her in order to advance, as soon as Natasha and the defnses around the Iron Curtain, destroy it. the fourth one in the notheast part of the battlefield is inside a well defended base, use Athena cannons to take out the tesla coils and other defenses, you might have to deal with some eemy units int his base, and by this time General Krukov has built a Vacuum Imploder which wis a serious threat to your base, destroy it as soon as you are in range, and then destroy the Iron Curtain. The fifth one is also well defended with defenses and units deal with the defenses and units before destroying the Iron Curtain, do the same to the sixth which has walls and lots of defenses. The last Iron Curtain is out of reach of your Mirage Tanks and Athena Cannons, however, if you have a Chronosphere built and when it is ready, Chronoshift a few Mirage Tanks to destroy it or use Century Bombers, if you have the spare time, try to destroy any lingering Soviet units that may try to stop you from going all out on the space shuttle, even build your super weapon the Proton Collider, the space shuttle is very tough to destroy so hit it with everything you have ranging from Mirage Tanks, Athena Cannons, Century Bombers,and your new Proton Collider, and even pay attention to any threats to your base as the Soviets will try to destroy it. But keep at the space shuttle. You will eventually destroy it, and see a great ending scene.

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