The shrike and the thorn

The shrike and the thorn
Soviet Mission 1.png
Location: Leningrad, USSR
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Oleg Vodnik
Opponent: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Kenji Tenzai


[edit] Primary Objectives

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Protect the Hermitage Museum

[edit] Overview

The Empire of The Rising Sun has invaded the Soviet Union and even has occupied several Soviet regions. Now, the Empire is making their move on the Union's major cities, and one of them is Lenningrad. They are planning to destroy the landmarks of the city including the Fortress, your mission is to protect Lenningrad and its landmarks from the Empire, Natasha Volkova is assigned to your command.

[edit] Tatics

You will start off commanding Natasha, she can swim acorss the river to the Fortress, use Natasha's aur strike command to ain access to the fortress and kill off the Imperial Warriors who are attacking the Fortress, it takes time for Natasha to fire, but her bullets can kill of 2 enemies at a time so possition her where she can fire at an enemy and another one behind it, after you eliminate the warriors, turn your attention to the Instant Dojo and have Natasha destroy it, then you will have access to a nearby barracks, Train 5 (or more) Flak Troopers, and be ready to use them because a wave of Sudden Transports will invade the fortress, but your Flak Troopers shouls make short work of them, use Natasha if any Imperial Warriors come out of any transports, after that, there will be a platoon if imperial Warriors that will attack the Hermatige Museum, however a Bullfrog will come in ready to send any of your units across the river to stop them. For this, Train a few Conscripts, around 8 of them will do, and use them to eliminate the Imperial Warriors. then, the Empire will send a fleet of Shogun Battleships surrounding the Fortress, use Natasha to eliminate them you may even want to use the Magnetic Satellite protocal to eliminate them as well.

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