The stone-faced witnesses

The stone-faced witnesses
Soviet Mission 8.png
Location: The Easter Islands
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Zhana Agonskaya
Opponents: * Allied Crest.jpgField Marshal Robert Bingham


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1. Build an ambush force
  • 2. Destroy the Allied Emissary and his escort
  • 3. Eliminate the Allied counteroffensive
  • 4. Destroy the Vacuum Imploder
  • 5. Destroy Cherdenko's Volcano fortress

[edit] Bonus Objectives


[edit] Overview

The Empire of The Rising Sun is no more. Now, Premier Cherdenko is formulating a plan that would hopefully eliminate the Allies once and for all. He has told them that he agrees to sign a peace treaty at The Easter Islands, not telling them that it is a trap, you are to go tothe Islands and establish a force to eliminate the Alliesas they come to the islands.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin by building a base in the south, build up power and a shipyard. You will have 5 minutes to build a naval force, and if you can build an airbase and some Twinblades as well. Since you will have limited credits for this part of the mission, build some Stingrays, as the emissary arrives (which is an aircraft carrier) the Soviets will reveal them selves and will give you the order to attack, if you can start on the emissary's carrier and then go forr the escort. After destroying the allied fleet, you will have to fight the Allies who now have built a base to the west, build some more stingrays to replace the ones you might have lost during your battle with the Allied escort, if you have some Twinblades you can also use them to destory the Allies. After you defeat the Allies, you will receive a message from Premier Anatoly Cherdenko, announcing you that he is now going to eliminate you. He will send everything he has at you, and even use the stone statues to depoly endless infantry, make sure your base is well defended. Then Cherdenko will build a Vacuum Impolder which will launch in 20 minutes, destroy it to remove a huge threat to your base and your forces, for this build and use Dreadnaughts to destroy the superweapon. Then, build some Apocalypse Tanks to take out the stone statues around the island and Cherdenko's structures, there is also some Super reactors, use your dreadnaughts or V4 Launchers to destroy them, this should power down all of the flak cannons that surround the top of the volcano where Cherdenko's fortress is, with this use Kirov Airships to destroy the fortress and make sure that you have a good MiG Fighter escort as Cherdenko will try to use his own fighters to destroy the airships.

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