The unfathomable fortress

The unfathomable fortress
Allied Mission 5.png
Location: The North Sea
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Zhana Agonskaya
Opponent: Empire Crest.jpgCommander Naomi Shirada


[edit] Primary Objectives

  • 1.Protect the Salvage Ship
  • 2.Destroy the first radar ship
  • 3.Destroy the second radar ship
  • 4.Capture both of the Black Tortoise's power cores

[edit] Bonus Objectives

  • 1.Destroy or capture the generators on the southeast island

[edit] Overview

With the Empire's defeat at Gibraltar, even Premier Anatoly Cherdenko was amazed by your commanding abilities. Now both the Allies and the Soviets have detected a salvage ship somewhere in the North Sea, which has onformation about one of the Empire's Island Fortresses, known as "Black Tortoises". You are to defend the salvage ship while the analysts extact the information regarding to the location of a Black Tortoise.

[edit] Tatics

There is 4 parts to this mission. First is the Salvage ship, you will have about 3 minuites to protect the ship from enemy fire, the ship will not last long under fire, so do whatever you can t protect it with your Dolphins and Hydrofoils, stay close to the ship so that you can protect it better, keep an eye for any enemy at appears on your radar. After protecting the slavage ship, there will be 2 special Imperial radar ships that you must destroy in order to attack the Black Tortoise. The first ship, Spies will be at your command with Natasha helping them, use the Spies to deactivate nearby generators and Natasha will destroy them, once the generators are destroyed the defenders are out of commision, order your co-commander to order Natasha to destroy the first radar ship. To destory the second ship, you will command Tanya, as Zhana will command the Combat Engineers, have Tanya kill off any nearby Imperial Warriors and have Zhana command an engineer to capture a generator, then have Tanya destroy a nearby defender, after all of the defenders are destroyed have Tanya destroy the second radar ship. Before you know it you will be facing the mighty Black Tortoise. As you are establishing a base on the water, build a shipyard as soon as possible so you can build a Prospector and order it to become an outpost unit on the southeast island, and capture the generators so that you can have slightly more power and more importantly, disable the front guns on the Black Tortoise, making an onshore attack easier. As soon as you have enough resources (capture some oil derricks in the area to make sure), and protect your base from any Imperial naval unit, including a Shogun Battleship, use a force of Assault Destroyers and even a Cryocopter for the battleship. Make your way to the Black Tortoise, and attack anything that gets in your way of your forces, clear a way for your Engineers to capture the 2 power cores, you an either use Riptide ACVs or even better Century Bombers to transport your engineers, remember once you capture a power core, you will only have a limited time to capture the next so make sure you use more than 1 ACV and Century Bomber.

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