Top Secret Protocals

In Red Alert 3 you are able to use what is called a Top Secret Protocal, and what are they you might ask. Well, they are the type of thinga that you can use to either damage objects on the battlefield, or upgrade your units or even your resources, or cause something that has a strange effect on the battle field. During a mission (or a skirmish battle) you will earn protocal points and depending on how much chaos is occuring on the battlefield you will receive points much faster. Here is a key of the type of protocals that each faction has.

[edit] Protocal Types

  • Attack

Attack protocals (Example: the Allied Time Bomb) can do physical damage to the battlefield, it not only can damage enemy structures (as well as your own, but it can also damage other objects like civilan structures and bridges.

  • Support

Support protocals (Example: the Empire's Point Defense Drones) can effect your own units in a way where it gives them an extrs edge on the battle field or it can benefit you as well.

  • Disruptor

Disruptor protocals (Example: the Soviet Desolator Airstrike) unlike attack protocals which do physical damage to the battlefield, it strangely effects the battlefield where all of the units (and sometimes tructures) are effected.

  • Upgrade

Upgrade protocals (Example: The Allied Free Trade) gives you in some way a slight increase in weaponry or the like. Giving you an extra edge to finish your mission or defeat your opponent commander in a skirmish battle.

[edit] Protocal lists (faction)

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