Volgograd (Stalingrad)

Volgograd (Stalingrad)

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Country: Russia
Locale type: Small Town
Population: 1 Million

[edit] Real History

Volgograd was discovered in 1589. Not much is known about this small town. During the Soviet reign it was re-named Stalingrad. During World War 2, the town would be a part of a battle that would be one of the largest and the most graphic of any modern battle fought in the 20th century. During most of the summer in 1942, the Germans would have the Soviets surrounded, but a quick retaliation of the Soviets and well-timed bombing raids would turn the tide of the battle for the Soviets, and because of this this would determine the outcome of World War 2. Now, the town is much more quieter and no longer possesses the scars of that battle.

[edit] Red Alert 3

  • Empire Campaign
  • As the Empire had successfully invaded the Soviet Union from Vorkuta, the rest if the imerial military has also invaded. Commander Kenji Tenzai was given the order to destroy the Mother Russia statue at Stalingrad, and by doing so with the new mechanized army of the Empire. As Kenji destroys the statue, he also pulls his forces back to protect sensitive cargo against the Soviets.
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