Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.
Country: United States
Locale Type: Capital
Population: 600,000

[edit] Real History

This land was at one time marsh land that was inhabited by the native Americans. But in 1790, the new American government had decided that they must find a permemant establishment to maintain a working government. The marsh land near the potomac river was the idea of George Washington. For years, developers have filled in a lot of the marsh land and even establish many famous buildings such as the Capital (where the United States Government works), the White House (where the President lives), the tresury (where the American money is made) and soon many memorials and monuments were also established (like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument). In 1812, there was another war between the Americans and the British, the British have burned most of Washington, luckily most of the buildings survived. In 1865, President Abraham Loncoln, who has recently on a break from guiding the north in the American Civil War had decided to spend some time watching a play in Ford's theatre, but a disgruntled actor named John Wilkes Booth had shot Lincoln in the back of the head, Lincoln died the next morning in the Peterson house across the street. Ever since these events, Washington D.C. is now mor than just a capital city, it is a tourist attraction and draws several million people all over the world. The monuments, memorials and even the White House are not the only thing people come to see. It is also the Smithsonian institute which has many museums in the capital suchas the National Air & Space Museum, the American museum of natural History, the National Museum of American History and the National Archives.

[edit] Red Alert 2

  • Allied Campaign
  • As the Allies were busy driving the Soviets out of the United States. Yuri has unveiled his plan to transform Americans into Soviets by using his latest invention called a Psychic Beacon. Intel even showed that the beacon was somehwere in the heart of Washington D.C. The unaffected troops and other units have rallied just outside the Washington Mall and bowled through a strong Soviet establishment around the White House and destroyed the beacon, allowing President Michael Dugan and General Ben Carville to escape to Canada until the capital is liberated. The Capital was liberated by the Allies and that allowed Dugan and Carville to come back and re-energize the Allies and level the playing field in the war.
  • Soviet Campaign
  • As the Soviet invasion on the United States began, one of the first Soviet occupations would be invading the U.S.' capital, Washington D.C. they would destroy the Allies at the south of the capital and even made to the Pentagon, which the Soviets destroyed in hopes to cripple their armed forces. Later on, as the Soviets completely overtaken the United States, Yuri has delivered bad news, Romanov was murdered by General Vladimir, who is now labeled a traitor and is cowering in the abandoned White House, the Soviets fought their way thrugh their fellow Soviet forces loyal to Vladimir and even captured the White House and apprehended Vladimir.
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