Wolverine MK. II

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Wolverine MK. II
Affiliation Steel Talons
Cost 900
Weapon Miniguns
Effective against Infantry, Light Vehicles
Requires GDI War Factory
Build At GDI War Factory
Appears in Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath

The Wolverine MK. II is a small recon walker developed by the Steel Talons division of GDI to improve on the old Wolverine MK. I chassis after the end of the Second Tiberium War and subsequent Firestorm Crisis. Despite the decision to decommission the majority of the mechanized walkers that were in service, the Wolverine was developed further to bring it inline with modern technologies. The result of this research and development is the Wolverine MK. II in service with only the Steel Talons division by the start of the Third Tiberium War. The Wolverine MK. II s the main vehicle of the Steel Talons battle groups and is often seen in large numbers supporting other Steel Talons units, it's quick speed and powerful miniguns allow to inflict serious damage upon infantry and light vehicles with impressive speed.

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