Yuriko Omega

Yuriko Omega
Yuriko Omega B.jpg
Birthplace: Unknown, But it is a Japan native
Affilitation: Empire of The Rising Sun
Portrayed By: N/A
Unit Type: Advanced Commando Unit
Weapon: None
Special Ability: Psychokinetic Burst

[edit] Overview

This super advanced human has a advanced brain which not only makes Yuriko smart, but she can emit strong kinetic energy with it. The actual origins of this young school girl is unknown. But it is known that she did try to train herself on how to use her brain and the kinetic energy that it can emit. With it, she can pick up and damage even the heaviest of objects. Her Special Ability is the Psychokinetic Burst, this is where Yuriko has to use a lot of her kinetic energy to cause a massive shock wave that will destroy virtually anything that is within range. However, what both the Western Allies and the Soviet Union find out about Yuriko is that she can be overwhelmed when surrounded by heavy fire on all sides, and during the Allies' campaign for Tokyo, the Allies found Yuriko under the rubble of what the Allies destroyed, Yuriko was still alive and was imrisoned her on a prison on Guam. Her real name is Yuriko Matsui, and she was some kind of experiment that the Empire had done with 2 female subjects, another subject being Izumi beliving to be Yuriko's sister, who was killed during the experiment by Yuriko.

[edit] Quote

"Who needs friends?"

"They bother me."

"Is it time for recess?"

"I hate them."

[edit] Pros & Cons

- Pros - -Good against any enemy type. ESPECIALLY good versus airborne enemies.

-Destroys structures with ease.

- Cons - -Masses of enemies (can use Psychkinetic Burst to get out from infantry groups, though), Enemy Commandos (if they get the drop on her), Long-range weapons, Twinblades (in groups they usually kill her before she can wipe them out) can wipe her out if youre not careful. Always be ready to have backup lend a hand.

-Relatively Expensive, especially seeing as shes an easy kill with the right units.

- Long build time. If your base is under attack, and youre training a Yuriko, dont expect her to come to the rescue anytime soon.

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