Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge
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Yuri's Revenge Box
Developer: Westwood Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PC
Perspective: Isometric
Theme(s): Sci-Fi (Futuristic)
Release Date: Oct 28, 2001(North America)



This is the Expansion pack of the Red Alert 2, To start Yuri's revenge has only units available on it. Yuri's Revenge is the continues on the Red Alert 2. While the conflict waged between the Allies and Soviets. Soviet's advisor Yuri has been plotting secretly his own way for his new goal, World Domination. Refining his psychic and mind-control units and technologies. Yuri created a whole new army who uses psychic mind control and pure raw power are their biggest arsenal. Yuri's Revenge is the expansion pack to Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2, and includes 14 new solo missions to play, and 10 co-op missions to try with friends in 4 campaigns. Make use of new units, structures, and tactics


The Western Allies have prevailed against the Soviet Union and has defeated their forces at Moscow, and with Special Agent Tanya Adams, they captured Premier Alexander Romanov and imprisoned him in the Tower of London. A few months have passed since then, and now a new threat rises, it is Romanov's adivsor Yuri who has now begun to activate his latest system of devices, the Psychic Dominator which is to submit the entire world to his will. While President Michael Dugan finding out about such a device in San Francisco, he called in an air strike though they failed to destroy the device but they powered it down long enough to use Professor Albert Einstein time machine, in hopes to avert Yuri's psychic Dominator system while it is in still development, however this information has leaked all over the world, as the Soviet Union will try to use the time machine not only to stop Yuri, but to change the outcome of the last war. But what both factions will soon realize that not one faction can not defeat this psychic maniac alone, the Allies and the Soviets must work together to defeat Yuri once and for all.

Game Features

Yuri's Cloning Vats and Allied Time Travel devices are just a few of the many advanced weapons at your fingertips.

Endless Strategic Possibilities as units evolve into battle veterans.

Play solo missons or take part in multiplayer and skirmish mode.

Hardware Requirements

System: PII 266 or equivalent RAM:64 MB RAM CD-ROM: 4X CD-ROM

Video Memory: 2 MB VRAM

Hard Drive Space: 200 MB

Mouse: Yes

Sound Board: Yes DirectX: DirectX v8.0 Recommended

System Requirements

System: PII 450 or equivalent RAM: 128 MB RAM

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